Convocation Day!

Convocation Day!

26/10/2018 BRAR Team Activities 0

It is the time of the year where we celebrate our graduates on their convocation day.

Universiti Sains Malaysia had its 56th Convocation Ceremony with the first session started on 23rd October 2018. Our very own BRAR Team member, Dr. Che Mohd Nasril was the happiest on that day as he graduated with Doctor of Neuroscience, the first of its own in Malaysia! However, we missed our supervisor, Associate Professor Dr. Muzaimi during this year convocation as he is away for the UNESCO Programme in Canada. 

The second session was on 24th October 2018 where 9 INP students had graduated with Master of Neuroscience with 3 of them were from our BRAR Team member, namely Yasmin, Ummi and Naznee. Two students from full research mode, Ainun and Zulaikha also graduated the same day as the INP students. Big congrats to them!

It was a day full of joy, laughter and celebration. It is a celebration of a finally finished mission, but a start to a whole new beginning. 

An ending to a start, a start of an ending. Wishing all of the graduates a journey full of success and happiness. Prayers and blessings in your future endeavors.

INP and full research mode students with Prof. Jafri Malin Abdullah

Dr. Che Mohd Nasril and his parents, Prof. Jafri Malin Abdullah and Dr. Farizan

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