CSVD Group


Our group addresses a silent phenomenon known as Cerebrovascular Small Vessel Disease (CSVD) that affects the small penetrating arteries within the deep white matter of the human brain.

The world over, it is a form of the non-communicable disease, otherwise regarded as part of cerebrovascular accident (or stroke) that is increasingly becoming prevalent with the ageing population and poses the risk of cognitive impairment.



Principal Investigator:

Associate Professor Dr. Muzaimi Mustapha (Dept. of Neuroscience, USM)


Prof. Dr. Wan Zaidah Abdullah (Dept. of Hematology, USM)

Dr. Nur Suhaila Idris (Dept. of Family Medicine, USM)

Dr. Eric Ho Tatt Wei (CISIR, UTP)

Prof. Mandava Rajeswari (School of Computer Science, USM)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Salmah @ Win Mar (Dept. of Radiology, Columbia Asia Hospital Kuala Lumpur)

Dr. Anusha Achuthan (IPPT, USM) 

Research Officer:

Dr. Che Mohd Nasril (Doctor of Neuroscience, USM)

Graduate Students:

Amanina Ahmad Safri (INP-Doctoral)

To develop and compare several DTI software pipelines processing in term of their reproducibility and reliability in the assessment of white matter ischemic integrity in asymptomatic CSVD.

Niferiti Amin (Research mode: PhD)

To explore the factorial branching of the small vessels that correlate with the CSVD

Zakiyyah Munirah Mohd Zaki (INP-Master)

To see the temporal relationship of Thrombin Activatable Fibrinolysis Inhibitor (TAFI) and Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor (TFPI) with neurocognitive profiling in healthy individuals with WMH.

Mazira Mohamad Ghazali (INP-Master)

To assess the relationship between subclinical CSVD from MRI findings and the neuropsychological test performance.


  1. Nasril C. M., Usman J., Mazira M. G., Amanina M. S., Eric H. T. W., Win Mar J., and Muzaimi M. (2019). Region of interest analysis using DTI in the longitudinal data of brain white matter integrity among asymptomatic individuals. IEEE Xplore Proceedings. ACCEPTED on September 2018.